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Pistachio Table: Our Story

Megan de Roulet, Owner, Pistachio Table

Pistachio Table is the marriage of Megan de Roulet's passions: family, friends, travel and design. With a love of entertaining, coupled with thirty years of owning an interior design firm, Megan created an artful dining collection based on the colors, beauty and relaxed lifestyles found in Provence and Tuscany.
Here, dining takes on reverential meaning and lingering over a meal is as much a familial ritual as it is a cultural tradition. The Collection celebrates the workmanship of skilled craftsmen from around the world, whose artistry, in some cases, has been passed from generation to generation. These handcrafted items return us to an authenticity of style and design so often overlooked in our modern world.

Pistachio Table captures Megan's quest for a relaxed, yet sophisticated lifestyle, where beholding a beautifully created table gives as much enjoyment as savoring a glass of wine or a thoughtfully prepared meal. This fresh and exuberant collection invites you to embrace time spent with those you cherish, for certainly, it is around the dining table that one forms the deep bonds and rewarding relationships that inspire our lives.